Tuesday, August 31, 2010

View Jackson's Youtube video so he can win a contest!

Jon Schmidt is having a contest. Jackson posted a youtube video of himself playing Road Trip (a Jon Schmidt song) and if he gets the most views, he wins $100 and tickets to a Jon Schmidt concert. The contest started at the beginning of summer and ends Setpember 30th. Jackson just barely posted his video, so he only has 30 days to get views. So view as many times as you want to!


Sam and Meesha said...

He is so AMAZING!!! Maybe he'll win AND get to play with John???

Brock & Brig said...

He is Awesome! I loved hearing him play in church last week too! Good luck Jackson!

Jennie Youngquist said...

that is shows a lot of work for both Jackson and you! Congratulations! Do you still live on Crystal Lagoon Ct? Please let me know jennieyoungquist@gmail.com